CTM - Suite for a Young Girl


The art of Cæcilie Trier – CTM – is that of a person looking for difficult beauty in ecotones, in the crossover territories between chamber music composition, hip hop, flamenco, R&B, classical music. She’s a great singer who doesn’t want to play by the rules, but searches her voice for expressions beyond conventional emotionalism. But[…]



The Stockholm-based record label and hip hop collective RMH (Respect My Hustle) has become the heart of the hip hop and R&B scene in Sweden, with acts such as Silvana Imam and Erik Lundin redefining the language and breaking barriers for upcoming generations. Sherihan “Cherrie” Hersi’s debut album Sherihan was the R&B record of the[…]



Bisse aka Thorbjørn Radisch Bredkjær has made 5 albums in 18 months, this being the last one. There’s kind of a plot to it: The protagonist, Bisse, is leaving this mortal coil behind in order to rise to a life above and beyond FOMO and Facebook, narcissism and materialism. He is in other words journeying[…]

BloodBitch_LPcover 1400 x1400

Jenny Hval

She gets better and more fascinatingly Pop with each album, here with striking lyrics and fittingly strong compositions about vampires and menstruation. The album is produced by Jenny Hval with noise music legend Lasse Marhaug, making it an album filled with very visual sounds. Inspiration from Italian horror movies from the 70’s pops up everywhere,[…]