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Trust the danish quintet Værket to defy the constraints of indie culture with wild explosions of prog rock deconstruction. Queen and Jethro Tull goes to bed with Frank Zappa and Black Sabbath resulting in a bastard love child. This their debut album is brimming with the hubris and impatience and zapper minds of youth (all[…]


Oranssi Pazuzu

Fourth album by Finnish metal scene outsiders is a unique mixture of black metal, psychedelic pop and post-rock. Värähtelijä means “oscillator” or “vibrator”. Oranssi is orange in Finnish, Pazuzu used to be the Assyrian demon for winds and storms, kind of a hard core weatherman.

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In the not too rich tradition of Norwegian contemporary soul music, the brilliant debut album by Nosizwe Baqwa stands out with its left of centre production, personal, conscious lyrics and gorgeous vocals. The single «The Best Drug» is a good example of her style, with its quirky bassline and massively soulful melodies. The album is[…]


Kornel Kovacs

Kornél Kovács has been a household name on the Swedish dance scene for more than a decade, as a DJ, producer and part of the record label Studio Barnhus in Stockholm. His debut album — named after Jeff Mills’s techno gem “The Bells” — was recorded in Gothenburg during a two week stint with friend[…]


Jóhann Jóhannsson

The Icelandic composer Jóhannsson is now preparing the score for Blade Runner 2049 and has two Academic nominations to his name (The Theory of Everything and Sicario). This post-classical composer has been breaking new musical and aural ground with his scores and this one is no exception: moody, scary, claustrophobic, “alien” and a brilliant synthesis[…]

Amen 2 levynkansi

Mikko Joensuu

Mikko Joensuu first got noticed as frontman in noise/shoegaze group Joensuu 1685. Amen 2 is the second part of his solo trilogy which is all about how he broke free from extreme christian community. Amen 1 had its roots in country music, this second part is powered by deep and spiritual electric groove.

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The Hearing

Stories of heartbreak by one-woman group from Finland led by ms. Ringa Manner who used to be vocalist in a punk group called Pintandwefall, now turned into electronic music songwriter and producer. Adrian is her second album.