Previous Winners

2014 – Mirel Wagner (FI)

"When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day"

The Jury’s statement:
– This album showcases a strong, intense new voice that feels like it’s coming from somewhere deep and true. As a set of restrained and alluring short stories, gorgeously sung and played, this record keeps pulling you back into its world. and, please, don’t be scared by the title!

2013 – The Knife (SE)

"Shaking the Habitual"

The Jury’s statement:
– This year’s winner of the Nordic Music Prize is radical on so many levels. Lyrically, visually, musically and politically. It’s a brave and challenging work. Both dazzlingly contemporary and totally uncompromising, the artists in question have themselves described this record as ‘playing with people’s time and attention spans – in an era when nobody seems to have any’. ‘Shaking The Habitual’ is much more than a collection of songs, it’s a complete statement.

2012 – First Aid Kit (SE)

"The Lion’s Roar"

The Jury’s statement:
– No-one in the jury could argue against the power of this record. The songwriting is exquisite, the melodies timeless, the harmonies heartbreakingly beautiful. There is warmth here that pulses from the heart of Scandinavia, yet this music also gets under the skin of the American dream, in a way that only outsiders could manage to do. Especially these two. This double album really does something that is quite rare: it communicates the pure joy of music.

2011 – Goran Kajfes (SE)


The Jury’s statement:
– A very distinctive voice unexpectedly united the jury, everybody instantly recognized the love that has gone into the playing and, also, the packaging. It’s an ambitious and warm fusion of sonic elements, from jazz with both african and eastern influences to electronica.
This double album really does something that is quite rare: it communicates the pure joy of music.

2010 – Jonsí (IC)


The Jury’s statement:
– The music of the winner could only have been made here, in the North. It sounds and almost smells like Iceland. It’s brave and life affirming pop music that grabs you by the heart in flamboyant technicolour.